Diversity Series

What is the Diversity Series?

MG阿拉德之怒官网The series benefits the college and the greater community by extending the concept of education beyond the classroom.

Since 2005 Yakima Valley College has partnered with several local area organizations to host events and lectures through the annual Diversity Series.

The events provide YVC the opportunity to bring diverse perspectives to everyday topics and push the boundaries of the term beyond race, gender, social class, and sexuality.

BRING THE NOISE: 2019-2020 Theme

Black History 101 Mobile Museum’s 5th Element Hip Hop Exhibit

Date(s) Time Event Location
Jan. 15 10-5 Black History 101 Mobile Museum – Presentation @ 11:30 Yakima, HUB, Building #9
Jan. 16  10-5 Black History 101 Mobile Museum – Presentation @ 11:30 Grandview, Activity Center, Building #52

Keepin it Reel Film Festival

Date Time Film Location
1-30 11:30 Latino’s Beyond Reel–Challenging a Media Stereotype Yakima, HUB, Building #9
2-13  11:30 Reel Injun–On the Trail of the Hollywood “Indian” Yakima, HUB, Building #9
2-27  11:30 Reel Bad Arabs- How Hollywood Vilifies a People Yakima, HUB, Building #9
3-12  11:30 Slaying the Dragon– Media Stereotypes of Asian & Asian American Women Yakima, HUB, Building #9
4-2  11:30 The Revival: Women and the Word Yakima, HUB, Building #9
4-16  11:30 Afraid Of Dark Yakima, HUB, Building #9
4-30  11:30 The Mask You Live In Yakima, HUB, Building #9
5-14  11:30 White Like Me Yakima, HUB, Building #9

Additional events will be hosted throughout the academic year. For more information: visit 509.574.6800 ext. 4965/ diversityseries@cxjdpj.com

Students of Color Conference logo

Students of Color Conference 

sponsored by the Multicultural Student Services Directors Council (MSSDC).

This year’s conference, “Calling all Changemakers: 30 Years of Unapologetic Activism”MG阿拉德之怒官网 will be in Yakima Convention Center, from Thursday – Saturday, April 23-25, 2020.

The goal of the Multicultural Student Services Directors’ Council is to provide a fun, educational experience that promotes leadership, diversity, and academic success.

Application Deadline is Friday, February 21, 2020 

To learn more contact YVC Counselor Elizabeth DeVilleneuve at 509.574.4978, edevilleneuve@cxjdpj.com.