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Speech and Language Center

The Speech and Language Center provides support for public speaking and presentations. In the Speech and Language Center, students are able to work with tutors on upcoming presentations and speeches. The tutor can assist with everything from creating an outline for a speech, articulation, diction and body language to creating effective PowerPoint presentations or even strategies for public speaking anxiety.

MG阿拉德之怒官网The Speech and Language Center has technology that allows users to record and playback a practice presentation, helping identify potential areas for improvement. Students do not need to be in the Communication Studies courses to use our services.

Let us help you with your next presentation or speech.

Speech Lab Hours

MG阿拉德之怒官网Monday ​- Friday 8-3:30 pm

Hours may vary by quarter, please contact for current hours.


Palmer Martin Hall
Building 20, Room ​202
MG阿拉德之怒官网 Phone: 509.574.6800 ext. 3619​

Speech and Language Center Services include:

  • Public Speaking Tutoring
  • Online Speeches
  • Aid in Polishing Speech Content
  • Presentation Practice
  • Recording & Viewing of Speeches
  • Computers Available for Student Use
  • American Sign Language Practice
  • Provides Presentation Confidence
  • Spanish Tutoring

Speech Related Careers

Media / Broadcasting
Journalism / Theatre
Public Relations / Politics
Performing Arts / Business
Education / Government